Camera stabilizer up to 1,5kg.
Include Quick Release and Black Case.


Product Description

Make your camera setup complete to work independently with U-Flycam Handheld Stabilizer and acquire excellent results without any jerk problems.
Whether overhead, high angle or low angle shot, U-Flycam Handheld Stabilizer allows you to use imagination to your own needs being the best mini handheld stabilizer system!
Black High Impact Protective Packing for Carrying, Transporting and Storing your Valuable Equipment – absolutely FREE with this Product.

->  Rugged construction with metal parts being black anodized aluminum
->  Hi-grade plastic knobs
->  Foam padded Handle Grip
->  Color – Black
->  Weighing Capacity- 1.5kg / 3.3lbs.
->  Weight rods articulate through any horizontal axis
->  Fastening screw – 1/4″
->  Camera balance aluminum weights