Filmcity FC-05

Filmcity, PROAIM

Filmcity FC-05.
Awesome BlackMagic RIG include:
FF + MB + BM Cage + V-Rem


Product Description

If you’ve been waiting for a brand-new shooting experience – this is it.

Astonishingly fast, stunningly compact and amazingly precise, our FILMCITY Adventure Rig Kit For Blackmagic Cinema Camera put the power to shoot impressive stills and movies right into the palm of your hand.
Ergonomically designed for comfortable handling and intuitive operation, lets you shoot any scene with astounding accuracy. Allow yourself to catch moments you would not normally be able to catch!

Elegant, portable and smart solution with endless shooting applications lets you get smooth, jerk- free shot that adds extra sparkle in your craft. Having a precise system in your backpack gives you the chance to generate amazing shots with visual effects wherever you go.

Get this exclusive professional product and enjoy the unique perspective!

->  Filmcity BMCC Shoulder rig
->  Sleek BMCC cage
->  MB-600 Matte box
->  X1 follow focus
->  Z-Bracket
->  Handle bracket
->  V-Remote Controller