3ft Motor Timelapse Slider


Cametree 3ft Motor Timelapse Slider.
Timelapse Remote Controller , 12v Encoder Motor, AC Adaptor,
Wire, Fluid head, Manual Crank , 4 x Adapters.


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Product Description


Our all-new CAMTREE Motorized Timelapse Slider is an upgraded design of our successful CAMTREE Timelapse camera slider in a value added kit form. Just add the camera and some creativity and with this package, you are good to go. The kit includes a 3ft CAMTREE Time lapse Slider, our super quiet and super reliable 12v Encoder Motor, Manual crank, power adapter, Remote Controller and a convenient travel/storage bag. Use the Camtree Pro just once and you will understand why operators tell us that it is a must have platform that captures incredible shots.

What’s in the box

-> 3ft E-Slider
-> Timelapse Remote Controller
-> 12v Encoder Motor
-> AC Adaptor
-> Wire
-> Fluid head
-> Manual Crank
-> 4 x Adapters

Features of timelapse slider

-> Fantastic Time-Lapse tracking shots.
-> Closed loop dc encoder servo motor PID control compared to normal DC motor current control where external factors affects the system performance.
-> Records motor position at every 20ms and updates motor to that location with in same time frame. No logging more than 20ms.
-> Only one recording mode for both time lapse and live record.
-> Recording moves for time lapse or live playback mode without jerks.
-> While recording and playback even if the load(e.g. recording done without camera and playback with camera) or the angle of operation changes the controller will control the sequence in the same way and play it back absolutely the same way.
-> System zero position setting will ensure only one marking for whole system. Set this position very time and all recordings will start with a relative position to his point.
-> Automatic returns to start position with very high accuracy after recording a move. Will save quite a bit of time spent on marking start and end position and manually go to that position.
-> No need to record the movement slowly. Extra feature will be provided to truncate the speed of playback. This will at least save 50 % time while recording moves then the other controller.
-> You can record as many movements as you want like for eg. you can record the movement for 10 minutes and can expand it for maximum up to 29days.

Specifications of time-lapse slider

-> Material – Aluminum
-> Length of camera slider : 39.5″
-> Travel length – 39.5″
-> Width of Camera Slider – 2.9″
-> Dia of each Rail – 10mm
-> Central Distance of Slider Track – 60mm
-> Camera mounting screw – 3/8″
-> Tripod Mounting Holes – “1/4 x 3/8”
-> Load Capacity – 30kg