Flycam Flyboy III

Flycam, GoPro

Flycam Flyboy III.
Camera stabilizer up to 800g.
Include Quick Release and Travel Bag.




This new and innovative approach to handheld DSLR stabilizer design makes the FLYCAM FLYBOY-III a lightweight, handheld camcorder stabilizing system that can be used by amateurs and pro. For corporate communications, weddings, non-broadcast recording or family events the Flycam Flyboy III handheld DSLR stabilizer provides results like no other. DSLR stabilizer systems, like this, work to provide stability during movement, for dynamic and subjective camera shots. It utilizes a balancing system that dampens the user’s body movement, providing a smooth, floating image over a wide range of conditions.

->  Stabilizer Material- aluminum
->  Stabilizer Length- 12″
->  Camera plate dimensions- 58 x 42mm
->  Quick release dimensions- 100 x 60mm
->  Flycam weight without weight disc- 700gm
->  Counter weight quantity- 8 pcs
->  Per disc weight- 125gm
->  Camera carrying capacity- 800gm / 1.8lbs