Flycam HD 3000 MB


Flycam HD 3000 MB.
Camera stabilizer up to 3,5kg.
Include Quick Release, Clamp and Travel Bag.

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Flycam HD-3000 is a professional, lightweight high quality stabilizer with telescopic structure that support camera up to 3.5 kg. Being made entirely of Hi tensile strength aluminum and supported by bearing allows you to control the camera comfortably and confidently. Using this one piece of gear you can get beautiful and stable moving shots with a very high production value. And, since it weighs very less, it won’t break your back when you need to hold both Flycam and Camera for extended period of time. Featuring micro balance which allows you to get more accurate calibration and better shots.

->  Construction – Aluminum black anodized stabilizer
->  Weighing capacity – 3.5kg / 8lbs
->  Head Dimensions – 7.5 x 4.2 inches
->  Base Platform Dimensions – Shortest – 9.5 x 4 inches
->  Base Platform Dimensions – Longest – 14.5 x 4 inches
->  Flycam length min: 40cm
->  Flycam length max: 60cm
->  Number of weight plates – 12 pcs
->  Weight of single weight plate – 90 grm
->  Flycam weight without weight plates – appx. 1.2 kg