Flycam NANO Plus


Flycam NANO Plus.
Camera stabilizer up to 1kg.
Include inbuilt Quick Release and Travel Bag.




For truly unfettered, floating camera moves, you always need a gimbal-based camera stabilizer. So Flycam presents Nano Plus Handheld Steadycam. a dynamic camera platform to achieve proper balance for your camera (2.2lbs) with a new improved base plate for quick and easy fine-tune adjustments and a telescoping central post to adjust the height of unit. At the center of everything, three-axis gimbal lets the camera handle move freely while rest of the stabilizer stays upright, thereby eliminating the shakes. The tool-free design enables to set up and achieve balance easily & quickly every time. Featuring micro balance which allows you to get more accurate calibration and better shots.

->  Balancing weights made of MS & powder coating
->  Weight disc diameter – 48mm
->  Weight thickness – 4mm
->  Fastening screw – 1/4 (30 slots)
->  Stabilizer weight – 2.2lbs
->  Single disc weight – 54grm
->  Length of Stabilizer – 11inches
->  Extended telescopic length – 14inches
->  Top plate dimensions – 5.25″ (L) x 3″(L)
->  Diameter of sled – 16.25mm
->  Matt black stabilizer
->  Weighing capacity:1 kg/2.2lbs