Handle RIG for Gimbal & Camera

Beholder TRD, Copech.com, Filmpower, Pilotfly

Double Handle Support, CAN FIX ALL:
Beholder, Pilotfly, Feiyu, Zhiyun
Nebula, etc  and all kind of Cameras
INCLUDE: Allen key and 1/4 & 3/8 srcew.





Awesome support, made of Aluminium very light and resistant. This is a MUST accessory for those who have a hand-held Gimbal because is the best way to shot without fatigue and get wonderful videos.

You just need to attach the Gimbal or Camera in the centre hole of the device, and use the 3/8 or 1/4 screw to fix the Gimbal or Camera. Allen key provided is in order to chose the position of the Handle RIG and fix it depending your needs.

Do not think too much, this is a very good device that will help you a lot in your recordings.

Also it have 2 holes in the top of the handle with a measure of 1/4, so you can attach other accessories such us CLAMPS, MAGIC ARMS or HOT SHOES in order to connect microphones, LCD Monitors, LED lamps, joysticks, etc…