Filmcity FC-03

Filmcity, PROAIM

Filmcity FC-03.
Awesome DSLR RIG include:
FF + MB + Cage 9″ + QR


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You’ve ever wanted a cage system that isn’t needlessly large, heavy, bulky and cumbersome?
So it’s time to convert your cage system because there’s never been a better cage.

FILMCITY DSLR Camera Cage Shoulder Rig Kit is lightweight and functional masterpiece specially engineered with maximum stability and amazing powers. Our well-designed powerful financial gear system with innovative sophistication configures and extends your exact shooting style.High level exactitude and performance provides astounding pure, satisfying cinematic contribution.

Get seamless and stimulating footages with our steady, fast and admirable piece of equipment.
Limitless resolution towards mind-boggling vision. All at a revolutionary price!

->  Filmcity Shoulder Rig
->  X1 Follow focus
->  MB-600 Matte Box
->  Camera cage with Top Handle
->  Wire organizer Clamp
->  Z-Bracket
->  Handle bracket