Filmcity FC-10


Filmcity FC-10.
DSLR RIG include:
MB-77 and QR



There are plenty of budget rigs around, but not any of them can make exactly what the Filmcity FC-10 DSLR Shoulder Rig does. Is extremely stable, comfortable, lightweight and well-balanced.
A very well priced piece of video equipment which makes filming easier and convenient for you!
Solid grip over the DSLR shoulder rig allows you to move around as much as you want, without a shake or results of traditional raw handheld shooting.

Sophisticated in design and functionality but easy to set up and use, this video shoulder support with cage and bonus matte box, truly is a value added production tool, second to none. The DSLR Shoulder Rig (FC-10) fulfills these needs as it is an unbeatable product with unbeatable quality and features. This Hands free shoulder pad is perfect for all who want to have perfect and extraordinary shots without hand shaking or vibration. It helps you to produce smooth, accurate and effortless shots. A quick release system not only lets you work more quickly, also you can mount your video equipment to your tripod head more securely with less risk of vibration or slipping.

->  DSLR Shoulder Rig FC-10
->  15mm Z-Bracket
->  Handle Bracket
->  Straight bracket
->  Wire Organizer clamp
->  MB-77 Matte Box