Filmcity FC-105

Filmcity, PROAIM

Filmcity FC-105.
Awesome DSLR RIG include:
FF + MB + Cage + QR + LCD Holder.

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Give your comfort a new meaning with Video Camera Shoulder mount kit from Filmcity and control your camera more precisely and comfortably. An innovative design adaptable to just about any conceivable shooting needs and provide firm secure bond between you and your camera rig.

FILMCITY comes forward with its peculiar Shoulder mount kit to give you every shot a more refined & professional feel. The robust rig not only covers your camera for multiple mounting choices but also keeps it protected. The sturdy handle makes low angle shooting easier and cutting edge shoulder pad ensures long hours comfortable shooting. Shot in many non-broadcast areas like wedding photography/video, corporate communications and POP production, etc…

->  Shoulder Rig with Camera Cage
->  LCD Monitor Holder  (*LCD is NOT included)
->  X1 Follow Focus
->  Counterweight
->  FILMCITY MB-600 Matte Box
->  Wire Organizer Clamps
->  Handle Bracket