Filmcity FC-10w CF


Filmcity FC-10 Carbon Fiber.
DSLR RIG include:
Back Weight and QR.



Impressive is the word to best define our lightweight and versatile Filmcity FC-10W Handheld Camera Rig with Counter Weight that exceeds your expectations and the demands of today’s image capture technology.
This lightweight handheld camera rig eliminates camera shake while recording and produces smooth, accurate, and effortless shots at an affordable price!
Get smooth tracking shots that add an extra element of professionalism to your work.
Smartly designed, Filmcity camera rig blends seamlessly with the functionality and becomes a perfect fit for you.

->  Camera Shoulder Rig
->  Counter Weight and Shoulder PAD
->  15mm Straight bracket and 15mm Z-BRACKET
->  Quick Release
->  Handle Bracket
->  FREE Wire Organizer Clamp